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  • WDRFA x CMBD Release II

    We are back this week with the We Don't Run From Adversity x Charles Miller Brand Denim Collaboration Release II. This Saturday, September 19th onl...
  • WDRFA x CMBD Release I

    WDRFA x CMBD presents a modern collection of work wear garments designed with everyday use in mind. For our first collaboration with Charles Miller...
  • Why I Run by DeMyla Patterson

    There are obvious physical benefits to running. You hear about the mental benefits, though they aren’t as easy to see when you drive by someone laced up quickly putting one foot in front of the other on the side of the road. If you live with a runner you can see the mental payoff with the naked eye, and not just because they have a bumper sticker that reads running is cheaper than therapy.
  • Q&A with John Howard - We Don't Run Running Club

    In a recent interview for the We Don't Run Running Club team, John Howard provides some insight into what running means to him, how he got into it...
  • WDRFA x James Dant Weekender Backpack: A Detailed Look - Weekend at Ironworks

    A detailed look at the Weekender Backpack. Here is a series of photos that show the essential functions of Backpack/Briefcase.  This piece is the ...
  • WDRFA x James Dant Essential Accessories Collection: A Detailed Look at Release 1

    For our second collaboration, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop luxury high-quality travel and everyday accessories with the help of LM Leather Goods — Dopp Kits, Wallets, Tote Bags & Backpacks / Briefcases. — T-Shirts complete this collection!

  • Do Black Lives Matter?

    Over the past couple of months, the world has been exposed to a lot of trauma. Beloved figures have passed away.  The COVID-19 virus has affected c...
  • Q&A: The Three Hippest Menswear Guys In Town - Indianapolis Monthly

    The collaboration that’s been blossoming between Tommy Dant, owner of Irvington’s influential men’s clothing store James Dant, and Mike Gillis and Gary Patterson, partners in the Indianapolis-based clothing line WDRFA, is at last coming to fruition. The guys’ spring collection of lightweight jackets and Indiana state bird–embroidered T-shirts will debut at a pop-up event in the James Dant store from 4 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 14. With the launch of the WDRFA x James Dant line looming, we spoke with the three Hoosier natives who currently define the men’s fashion scene in Indianapolis.


    Collaborate and listen to Gary Patterson and Mike Gillis who are behind the clothing line WDRFA: We Don’t Run From Adversity.  Learn how they sew together their message, street culture, and clothes in their brand and what drives their creative process. The uncle and nephew duo will be releasing WDRFA’s Spring 2018 collection in collaboration with DRNK CLTR alumni, Tommy Dant from James Dant on April 14th. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with the story of WDRFA with Gary and Mike.
  • WDRFA Pop-up at Printtext - PATTERN

    The positive vibes surrounding the launch of Mike Gillis’ and Gary Patterson’s new streetwear collection, WDRFA — or “We Don’t Run from Adversity,” was perfectly matched by the unseasonably warm weather this past Saturday.

    The local streetwear duo, widely known for last year’s DSOA collection, debuted their latest pieces to a full house at Printtext in SoBro. The new collection included multiple t-shirts alongside a pair of knitted caps, crewneck sweaters, and several heavier, button-down jackets.

    The goal of the pop-up was to showcase the quality and attention to detail that Mike G and GP put into their clothes. The button-down jackets featured letterman jacket-style “WDRFA” letters that looked almost hand stitched. The crewneck sweaters were thick enough to be perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.