The Cap Series: Schuyler Weatherspoon

Schuyler Weatherspoon has been around WDRFA since its inception in 2011. 10 years ago he was a part of “The Shop” family at 49th & College, home to Kreme Twenty-Four, our brick-and-mortar retail store which carried an array of lifestyle apparel, accessories, fixed gear bikes and vintage sneakers.

Over this past decade Weatherspoon has been adamant about the WDRFA x Ebbets caps for a multitude of reasons but his love for hats has been prevalent nearly his entire life. Fashion has empowered him to bring out his personality, even at a young age in times of adversity with overcoming speech issues amongst other things.
Check out this Q+A to learn more about why he loves WDRFA x Ebbets caps, what fashion means to him and why.


What does fashion mean to you?

 Fashion means a lot to me. I grew up with fashion. I had a very fashionable father and mother. People always said as a kid to me that I was best dressed but as I look at it my mother was the one that was best dressed – she did all my shopping. I never really cared to go shopping as a kid but growing up and knowing about it, it being a part of my image and it helped with my confidence. I stuttered real bad coming up, so fashion and clothes and shoes was always my thing. It provided me comfort.

Looking at my father, everything was cleaners, just fresh head to toe. See my father was a OG. Gazel glasses and Kangol hats.

 Why are hats an essential part of outfits and how you dress?

Hats came from my father. He was a hat guy, very clean, nice suit, dob hat, he was just very clean, everybody called him spoon. Looking at him with fashion and how we wore hats just brought out details, colors, and shapes.

When buying a hat, what do you look for?

I’m so attracted to hats, when I see them, I just grab them.

What kinds of hats do you have in your collection?

All kinds, Ebbets, snapbacks, fitted, bucket hats, cowboy hats, polo hunting hat, all styles.

What do you like about Ebbets hats the most?

I like the fit and the strap detail. All of the ones you all are create are different, creative, I love the heart one. It has the perfect fit, I can dress it up and down, I can wear a suit, workout with it, wear it with shorts or anything.

 What inspires you daily?

 First off, it’s my family. Kids and wife, that’s all I do it for, I go hard for them. Getting up and going to work, knowing I’m making money, living life, being able to travel and take my kids with me. Kids and family mean the most to me, nothing else.

What type of adversity have you faced on your journey through life?

Stuttering was my biggest adversity. I had a speech therapist up until my junior year (of high school). It was bad, like I couldn’t get a word out. It was mental, just needed to take my time. I was nervous. Even still now, if I would have to talk to a bunch of people or do a speech, I would be nervous. I try to not think about it anymore and just push through. Some people say they didn’t even think it was that bad but yeah, it was terrible.

What does WDRFA mean to you?

 The brand itself means a lot to me because it comes from family and friends.  Black people that came from the bottom and blew up. Just seeing you all the way that you move, you are Indianapolis. It’s crazy to see what y’all are doing, being supportive for family and friends means a lot to me.



This interview was done verbally and answers have been typed out by Michael Gillis. 

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