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Maybe it’s all the times I’ve clicked a link for a new brand and seen a peace sign, reappropriated team logo, or gratuitous profanity masquerading as perspective that drive me to take note of new brands doing something, well, new. Social media and online commerce platforms have eliminated many previous barriers to entry for new brands. With a flood of new products releasing every week from brands both old and new, I’ve highlighted some of the new stand-out brands of the last few months.

Gracious Manufacturing
For as many graphic-based new brands as you see, it’s seems increasingly rare for one to stand out from the crowd. Gracious Manufacturing had me at the Rose Heavyweight T-Shirt.

Lasher Felix
What does it say about current times that pants inspired by Alien fit seamlessly with the moment? Items are reworked and upcycled, handmade in LA. There are plenty of ski masks to choose from, but the space pants are still the standout for me.

A New Specimen
An emerging art account on IG, A New Specimen is doing merch now. Hard to explain, but it’s kind of like putting morning light on a tee. There’s also a Patreon account offering HD wallpapers, first access to products, and exclusive gifts.

Vuja De Studio
Tokyo-based Vuja De only drops a new line every year or so. The Summer ’19 collection still looks brand new and it appears a new release is imminent the Spring.

This of this brand as new bootleg tees for old projects. Instead of spending hours tracking down the perfect $300 vintage tee, you can have a brand new one with a design that feels like was lost in the vault.

Holly Jovenall
Billy was Holly Jovenall’s Hollywood men’s brand with a ton of celebrity co-signs and buzz in the fashion industry only a couple of years ago. We’re only 15 months
removed from her GQ feature and it appears Jovenall has moved on, customizing workwear with incredible detail in a remote studio on a farm. She’s right at the start of something new, demonstrating a range and mix of influences that bode well for her next chapter.

Lisa Lestrange
Collection 001 dropped earlier this year at Union. The Cubie Pullover was the standout piece, but only a couple items remain in stock at Union. The Cubie sold out on a small restock on the brand’s site as well.

O. Files
You probably shouldn’t ask someone if the the flare in their pants is OG or if they’re back at the top of a trend’s full circle. The O. Files workers pants are definitely the latter, encapsulating a 2003 spirit I always knew I missed.



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