WDRFA Pop-up at Printtext - PATTERN

The local streetwear duo, widely known for last year’s DSOA collection, debuted their latest pieces to a full house at Printtext in SoBro. The new collection included multiple t-shirts alongside a pair of knitted caps, crewneck sweaters, and several heavier, button-down jackets.

The goal of the pop-up was to showcase the quality and attention to detail that Mike G and GP put into their clothes. The button-down jackets featured letterman jacket-style “WDRFA” letters that looked almost hand stitched. The crewneck sweaters were thick enough to be perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.

This is not the first time the two Indy entrepreneurs have created a collection with a message. Their previous offerings include “Divided States of America” as well as “Don’t Stop Overachieving.” The latest collection offers an empowering message, built around a palette of earthy greens, reds, grays, and blues giving fans of their work reliable staples that they can easily match with any streetwear outfit. 

The collection sold out before the end of the night. Items should be restocked and available online here!

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