Quick Hits

First let me state that nobody has reached out to see how I’m doing on my “buy less” quest and I respect that.
Ok, I’m in on the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% x Gyakusou. I’ll be more in when I find a discount. The earlier Nike x Gyakusou collections have seen new life in GORP Instagram fashion circles and have left me wishing I still had one of their windbreakers I found years ago at a TJ Maxx.

There are rumors of the New Balance Protection Pack dropping next month in the U.S. The Rain Cloud colorway is the clear standout and already reselling twice over retail from releases overseas. Find a trusted sneaker source that hasn’t lied to you about politics and watch for a stateside release date.

I’ve picked up a couple of Western Hydrodynamic Research hats recently. The bungee style drawstring in the back is oddly satisfying. The classic promotional hats tend to sell out quickly. There are still a few styles remaining on SSENSE if you feel the need. If you’re reading this in Japan (reach here is crazy) check out Barney’s.

Speaking of hats, we’re full-go on bucket hats. I’ve even taken a bold leap and expanded to a boonie. Since I have an active disdain for summer dressin’, I figured I might as well have some fun. My philosophy is that once I start wearing shorts, the rest of the outfit doesn’t really matter. Nobody really talks about a legendary red carpet or fashion mag spread with 8” coral chino shorts from 20 years ago, so let me go ahead and wear these tie dye socks with my dunks in peace.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching specific Rick Owens and Visvim pieces lately. I have to say there is some joy in honing in on something you really want, which is a theme we’ve covered here before. It does require patience, which is an area where many of us could see a leveling-up, especially in these new-product-every-second times.

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