Find Piece

Sometimes I think about throwing it all away, the whole closet. I mean not all of it. Keep the staples. And some backups. You know what I mean.

It’s sale season and I keep talking to my guy Mr. Porter. SSENSE reminds me we’ve been friends for a long time. I think they’re telling me I’m going to have some regrets next year if I don’t make some moves. That’s the worst, right? “I could have had that for a steal last year! Now it’s going to be a grail in 2030! SMH!”
What if I could adopt more of a French fashion mentality? Buy an outfit and wear it almost exclusively for a season. I could even spend more on it and have something I really like. It’s kind of like ordering water at a restaurant - spend less and feel better. Why wouldn’t I do this? Maybe it was going to school everyday and feeling like repeating outfits too often could subject you to ridicule. Well, there’s some nice synergy with a “less is more” approach these days as I go out around once a month. To everyone else I have a closet full of Dries jackets behind the one I’m wearing.
You could build quite a closet over the years this way. I believe Drake once spoke derisively of, “last season’s wardrobe.” For anyone with great taste, wouldn’t you want something with value that lasted more than a few months? I could also get out of the, “well I could always sell it” retail approach that ends up benefiting many companies way more than me. Nike and Supreme are selling out at retail regardless of consumers’ real affinity for the product. The customer can always “get their money back” by reselling products they never really loved and paying fees to Grailed and EBay for the privilege of doing so.



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